The centers provide to our patients the following activities:

  • Dialysis procedure conducted by nurses with continuing medical surveillance, control of the main clinical stability parameters (blood pressure, heart rate, serum electrolytes, body weight) and, if necessary, ECG monitoring, and continuous pressure, blood gases.
  • Use of different dialysis techniques, in the principle of individualization of treatment. high flow treatments (HDF, HF) and low flow (HD standard) in biocarbonato.
  • Prescription and management of intra-dialysis and home drug therapy Management of complications related to dialysis or uremia treatment, or other: running urgent examinations, planning clinical and instrumental investigations at the reference center and shelter provision.
  • Management of specific complications of vascular access, also in collaboration with the Interventional Radiology and Surgical evaluation directly at affiliated hospitals with diagnostic Doppler Vascular.
  • Medical visits outside the dialysis day for any problem arising at home; Medical telephone availability 24 hours 24.
  • Placement and replacement of vascular catheters for hemodialysis, both temporary and permanent hospital referral center through an agreement with the structure.
  • Organization of instrumental diagnostic path for the evaluation of suitability to kidney transplant.


Document recognition or health card, health records and prescription and Medical Prescription of sessions to be conducted.
EU citizens

EU citizens

The costs of dialysis therapy are the responsibility of our NHS, it must be presented Document recognition or health-insurance card.
Non UE citizens

Non UE citizens

For all non-EU citizens will be issued invoices which can then be reimbursed by their own Insurance Company.



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